Who the heck are you?
I’m a 20-something from the…ahem…”great” state of New Jersey (although I’m a transplant, Connecticut born and raised) who has a propensity for using big words (see what I did there?), reading, writing, sleeping, and making her friends and family laugh.

So? Why are you blogging about it?
Because my therapist told me to. No, really, she did.

But seriously, because I enjoy making people giggle. Plus, I’m a writer (I have a degree and everything). I’m not writing a book at the moment, but I still want to write, so I’m doing a little side project to see where it leads. It’s not a platform to gain fame and fortune (although if that happens, awesome), it’s just a public journal.

How short, fat, and sassy are you?
Short: 5’2″
Fat: 270+ lbs (a real lady never reveals her weight, but I never said I was a real lady so whatever)
Sassy: Unquantifiable levels

Relationship status?
Very, very married and very, very happy about it, thankyouverymuch.

Do you really talk like this, or are you just putting on an act for the internet?
As many of my friends (who are probably the main audience of this blog, although I’m sure there are people I don’t know reading this blog) will tell you, this blog reflects my every day vernacular and sass. I’m not putting on an act for anyone. I find that while it’s easier for me to be sassy on the internet, I’m pretty sassy in real life too. All the words here are my own (unless otherwise noted).

What’cha gonna write about?
To be honest, I’m not completely sure. This is mostly a space for me to vent about my life in a humorous way. I plan to document the world around me in a way that lets people into my life while also making them laugh. Frequent topics will likely include:

  • Cats
  • Food
  • Disney
  • Antics of my friends and family (names removed to protect the not-so-innocent)
  • Work (without getting into specifics because I don’t want to get fired)
  • Whatever else strikes my fancy

I want to write you a note/send you some money/ask you a question you didn’t answer here!
Ask in the comments or shoot me an email: shortfatandsassyblog[at]gmail[dot]com is up and running!

And if you really want to send me money, a) I will love you forever and b) send me an email and I’ll tell you how (I’m not sure if I’m joking or not).


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