After the day of surgery (and the nausea that followed), I think today has been the hardest of this whole process for me. I’m at my breaking point with this liquid diet thing. I’ve been eating the same “food” for almost two weeks and I’m going insane. When you add in the pre-op diet, I haven’t been able to choose what I want to eat for a month…outside of the WLS journey, I don’t know anyone who has eaten the same food every day for a month. I just want a friggin’ cheeseburger or some popcorn or something. I wish the diet weren’t “2 weeks of this, then 2 weeks of this, then 2 weeks of this,” but “1 week of this and then try the next stage and if it doesn’t work, then stick with it for another week.” I feel like if I took it slow, listened to my body, I could eat a lot more than what I eat now and do it without hurting myself. It’s just very frustrating.


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