One week!!


This time next week I’ll be in surgery…eep!!

I’m so ready to have this done, honestly. I am so anxious to start my new life. All of my blended soups are pre-made and in the freezer for Stage 2 diet, I’ve been following my pre-op diet pretty strictly (while I indulged a bit on Sunday, I indulged in things I’m allowed to have–grilled chicken, veggies, light yogurt, and fruit), I’ve been drinking my water…I’m ready to get the show on the road!

The next few days are going to be spent cleaning the apartment, since my mom is coming down a few days post-surgery just in case I need help, and I don’t want to greet her with a messy apartment. Then a few weeks after surgery, we’ll be having a house guest, so hopefully the apartment will stay clean long enough for her visit. I’m trying to keep myself busy because the anticipation is driving me crazy.

I’m going to be glad to have a bit off work. I just started this new job, so I’ve been trying to take as little time off as possible…between trying to show that I’m committed to the company and the fact that I needed to save days for my surgery, I’m burning out a bit. While post-surgery down-time isn’t the rest I had in mind, it’s a break from the action, which I’m grateful for. I plan on doing three major things while I heal: sleep, play video games, and read. If I’m being completely honest, I’ll probably do more sleeping than anything else.

The best part about this whole thing (other than starting a new life and getting healthy) is that I’ll get 10 days of KITTY TIME!!! I love my kitties dearly (I have two of them), but I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I’d like (which, let’s be honest, enough time = all day, every day), so I’ll be able to catch up with my Stitchy and Quorra.


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