Update, update, update!!


I know I’ve been radio silent for the past few months, but I have good reasons, I promise.

1)      I started a new (permanent) job!

Yes, I finally—finally­­—landed a permanent job. Actually, I found 2 jobs—I was a travel agent for 3 days before I found out about the job I ultimately took.

After 4 years of temping, I’ve finally found a job that I love, with holidays, sick time, and benefits!! I’m a Customer Service Rep for a software company (no one you’ve ever heard of; it’s a very niche market). The people I work with are fabulous, the company culture is great (with the exception of a no-tattoo policy that makes shoe shopping difficult, due to my foot tattoo), and the pay is really good. Even though I come home exhausted every day, it’s the best kind of exhausted—the kind of exhausted you get when your bran has been “on” all day because you’re learning things. Once I hit my full stride, I can see myself working here for a long time, which is good because the company values longevity. I may even see if they’ll help me fund my master’s degree (in time—I won’t be ready for that for another year at least).

Which leads me to my next point…

2)      I’ve been working hard on all my surgery stuff, and it’s finally official—I’m scheduled for my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy on August 5th!!

I’m so, so excited for this next HUGE step in my life. I’m also a little scared, but not outside of the realm of what is reasonable. My company has been very generous about my surgery, since it was scheduled prior to my taking the job, and they’re letting me take the time off I’ll need to recuperate after. I even told my boss, “I’ll be home, so if there’s anything I can do from there, send it my way,” but he’s adamant that I take the time to rest up. He laughed when I told him that most of my time is probably going to be spent playing video games (he has a great sense of humor like that. He’s also a Whovian—I have the best boss ever).

I’m starting my 2 week, pre-op, liver-shrinking diet. Who knew your liver would get in the way when taking out part of your stomach (answer: anyone who has a basic grasp of anatomy, that’s who)? I’m not excited for the diet—protein shake for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, 4 oz. lean meat and 1 cup veggies for dinner, with cottage cheese, fruit, and veggies for snacks (if I need them). I mean, it’s healthy and all, but just…bland. Oh well, the things we do. I know that the next few months are going to be tough food-wise, but once I start adding things back into my diet, it’ll all be worthwhile.

…I’m going to miss bread though.

Luckily, I’ve never been the biggest fan of pasta, and since I have a diabetic husband, my food restrictions are going to, in turn, improve his diet. I mean, I’m not going to deprive him of the things he loves just because I can’t eat them, but if he sees ME eating healthy and we have more healthy food in the house, maybe he’ll start gravitating more towards those healthy options.  He even asked me last night if there was anything I didn’t want him to buy anymore, and I was honestly able to say, “No, you get whatever you want.” My willpower is going to be awesome a year from now!!

This whole experience has been one big exciting whirlwind. From start to finish, the whole process only took 10 months (which is fast, but necessary, as I lose my mom’s excellent insurance coverage on September 30th):

November ‘14—May ’15: research procedure, meet with bariatric surgeon to decide on VSG, meet with nutritionist for 3 month pre-approval diet (and lose 6 lbs in the process)
June 2015: Land two new jobs, leave job A for Job B, training for Job B and finding out if I can even get my surgery
July 2015 (now): Pre-op testing (everything came back normal) and 2 week pre-op diet (starts tomorrow)
August 5th: Surgery
August 17th: Back to work (hopefully)
September 10th: Turn 26
September 30th: Lose mom’s insurance because Obama (but let’s be honest, it’s amazing that it’s possible for me to have been on my mom’s insurance for this long—thanks Obama!! Not sarcasm, btw.)


She and my dad finalized their divorce in May. My mother moved to the most adorable little house that is absolutely perfect for her and I’m totally in love with it. It just exudes warmth and happiness. It’s so cozy compared to the other house my parents lived in until recently—the other one was a huge open floorplan with high ceilings and lots of windows…don’t get me wrong, it was nice, but it never said “cozy” to me; it just felt like a house. Her new one feels like a home.

My dad has moved to the Tampa, Florida area (lucky bastard!). He’s in the misdt of purchasing a house and as soon as he’s settled in and I’m recovered from surgery, I’ll be heading down to visit him and help him find a perfect feline companion. One of my parents’ cats, Peekie, was supposed to move to Florida with him, but unfortunately, she has some health issues that would likely be exacerbated by a cross-country move (does moving from CT to Florida count as “cross-country”? It’s more like “vertical-country”, I suppose, but that doesn’t make as much sense), so he’s going to be getting a new friend once he’s settled. I’ll also be shoehorning a quick trip to Disney World in there because I haven’t been since 2012, and since I’ll be there anyway, I may as well.

So yeah, that’s what’s going on in my little corner of the world. If anyone has any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask—I’m completely open about this process!!


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