Let’s talk clothes


Jane Austen once wrote, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a plus-sized woman in possession of a good fortune must be in want of decently fitting clothes.”

…okay, maybe she didn’t write that EXACTLY, but it’s close.

Clothes are a basic necessity since it is highly frowned upon to leave your house naked. However, some days I think that would make life 10 times easier. Most women know the struggles of finding clothes that fit, look good, are quality made, and are affordable. Being a big girl makes these problems 10 times worse.

As most women know, there is no standard for women’s clothes. Anyone who says there is, is lying. A size 12 in one brand doesn’t equal a size 12 in another. This not only leads to confusion, but it also adds a whole other level of heartbreak. There is nothing worse than knowing that even though you’re a size 22, you have to buy the size 26 in another brand, which dumps your self-esteem down to a new low. Luckily, there are several stores that cater to the plus-sized demographic, but that leads to my next point.

Look good
Someone forgot to tell the fashion industry that big girls and sparkles don’t always mix. I dare you to go to Wal-Mart and find a t-shirt that isn’t glittery, sparkly, or bedazzled in some way. Apparently they’ve forgotten that my body mass ensures people will see me coming–I don’t need any more details to draw attention to my size. Same goes for animal prints. And other stores (*cough*Catherines*cough*) seem to think that the official uniform of the fat chick is a muumuu. No one looks good in a muumuu. No one.

And don’t forget your shapewear!! Yeah, if you want a smooth tummy, you’ re gonna have to get some shapewear and be a human sausage, because chances are you aren’t going to find anything that gives you a flattering shape without your Spanx.

Oh, and if you want sexy panties, forget it. It is almost impossible to find a bra that fits properly, is comfortable, and is pretty. You can have two of the 3, but you aren’t going to find the holy grail without shelling out some major moolah.

More size means more stretch. More stretch means more strain. More strain means that my clothes don’t last every long. I have jeans that I’ve only worn a dozen or so times because my thighs rub together, creating friction, which means I get holes in them. I want to know why someone hasn’t figured out how to make the fabric in the thigh area of jeans thicker so that doesn’t happen. Especially because jeans are expensive–I don’t want to pay $50 for a pair of jeans that are just going to fall apart because my thighs touch like a mermaid’s. Wal-Mart and K-Mart jeans are more durable and are only $20 a pop.

Oh, and $50? Totally normal for a pair of jeans. Lane Bryant and Torrid are freakin’ expensive. Why does a simple camisole cost $22? What is the justification for that? The wedding industry charges more for plus sizes dresses–I had to shell out an extra $250 for extra fabric because there’s more of me to cover. It seems like this trend has made its way over to the standard plus-sized clothing world too, which is bull. Stores like Fashion to Figure and Avenue are closer to what I would expect to pay for clothes–still not cheap, but not prohibitively expensive either.

Moral of the story? Shopping for clothes sucks (for everyone), but it’s especially hard when you’re a big girl.




Quick update.

I didn’t get the job at work. Boo. However, I have lined up another job that starts shortly after I’m done at my current position. I don’t want to say more than that right now.

My parents sold their house!!! They’re aiming for a closing date at the end of the month so that my mom can move into her adorable little house that she bought. Dad is getting ready to move to Tampa and has an apartment all lined up.

Anthony was the passenger in a car accident on Saturday and has a broken hand, so the past few days have been taxing, to say the least. We’re getting a cast put on his hand today and he’ll be in it for 2 weeks. It could have been a lot worse.

That’s all for now!!