I should change my name to Francis…


Warning: This is a post asking for (minor) financial assistance in relation to a sick cat. The cat isn’t about to die, but if sick animals make you sad, you may want to skip it.

GoFundMe link: gofund.me/ies87s

I love animals. Always have, always will. The first thing I did after I moved out of my parents’ house was go and adopt a cat.

It’s more like she owns me, but whatever

That’s Stitch. She’s my baby. I would go hungry for my cat. I would die for my cat. I would do anything necessary to make sure my cat is happy, healthy, and loved for her entire life, whether I’m around for the whole thing (god willing) or not. I know most pet owners would do the same. Most people will say, “If you can’t afford a pet, you shouldn’t have one,” which is a statement I agree with. If you can barely afford to feed yourself, how are you going to feed and vet this animal who depends on you for shelter and care?

But what happens when to pets whose owners were chosen for them?

I have a friend. This friend’s mom died a few years ago, and he inherited her cat. Her name is Sasha. He loves Sasha very, very much. She provides him with companionship and love. She’s the sweetest cat ever. He moved recently, and of course, he took the her with him. The move decimated his savings. He is a manager at a local pharmacy, working the night shift. He doesn’t make a lot of money but he wanted to get out of his grandmother’s house and onto his own two feet, so he scrimped and saved for months. He knew it would be hard, but he wanted to do it.

Unfortunately, Sasha now has blood in her urine. We think it’s a UTI. Because of the move, he can’t afford to pay the $175 it will be necessary to get her the veterinary care she needs. I’ve been calling around to try and find a vet who will work with my friend to help him get Sasha the care she needs at an affordable price. Luckily, my vet is willing to work with him and set up a payment plan (he can’t apply for Care Credit). Unfortunately, he won’t have any expendable income (due to moving expenses and bills) until January. I don’t want the kitty to have to wait that long for care.

I’ve set up a GoFundMe and, through the generosity of my friends and family, have raised $125 toward Sasha’s medical bills. I’ve made an appointment to see the vet tonight and have worked out a plan to pay them the rest, but I’m hoping to hit the full amount by the end of the day–it would be much better to have this paid in full.

I’m asking everyone I know to donate if you can. I know that the holidays are a hard time of year for everyone, so if you can’t donate, I completely understand. All I ask is that you share the post on your Facebook, Twitter, or via email. We only have $75 to go, and I’m pretty confident we can make it with your help!!

GoFundMe link: gofund.me/ies87s


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