Happy Saturday!!


Happy Saturday everyone! I actually have time to post since I’m at work and (as is usual for a Saturday) nothing is going on here.

I got to talk with my sister for a bit this morning–she’s made the move to London for a year to study for her MA in Advanced Theatre Practice (and she totally copied my idea for a blog–what can I say, I’m, a trendsetter–read hers at http://jessinlondon.wordpress.com/). I love technology today; it was awesome to actually be able to see her using FaceTime as opposed to just calling her and talking on the phone (which also has an upside–FaceTime is free, phone calls are not). I wish I had a more steady/better paying job so I could go visit her, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Life has been life-ish. I’ve been working my ass off (as my other posts illustrate), so I apologize once again for the lack of updates. However, since it is Saturday and nothing is happening at work–although as I was typing that sentence, the phone rang–my coworker Todd and I will be decorating the office for Halloween. I’ll post pictures when we’re all done.

Please keep sharing and liking my page on Facebook; I’m almost at 100 likes! For those who have commented with topics for me to post about, thank you so much! I’ll get your posts up within the next week. And if you haven’t suggested a topic for me to write about, go comment on my page! I’ve got three more slots open for the topics of your choice! Want me to tell you my opinion on something in particular? Want me to write a funny poem about a certain subject? Let me know!! Your wish is my command*!

*I reserve the right to edit topic choices–no one wants me to write a funny poem about roadkill or dead things, even though I probably could.


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