Gettin’ Healthy


First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for those of you who liked my Facebook page!! If you haven’t done so already, here’s the link:

Invite all your friends! The more the merrier (and I’m not just talking about the size of my ass)!!

I’ve also had my first International visitors! If you’re reading this, my readers who popped in from Ireland and Great Britain, hiiiiii! I love your countries and wish I lived there.

Alrighty, onto business!

Anthony has been on a health kick lately. He’s been more conscious of what he eats and is cutting a lot of sugar and excess crap out of his diet. He’s lost so much weight that his pants are too loose and his wedding ring was so big that it kept falling off his fingers. I’m really proud of him!!

That rat bastard.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and anything that makes him healthier is awesome, but because he’s being so good, now I’m falling into better eating habits too. Which means I can’t gorge myself on Chili’s chicken crispers and Little Caesar’s Hot’n’Ready pizza without feeling guilty.

I digress.

In the interest of being healthy, I walked to the Cosi around the corner from my work. I only have a 45 minute lunch, so I was walking at a bit of a brisk pace. I made it there and back in 30 minutes, but now my body is like:


It feels good though. As much as I like eating crappy food and being lazy, I get an endorphin rush after exercising and my body overall feels better after eating a good, healthy meal.

I’m hoping that this will help us save money and help me slim down for Jacquie’s wedding next year–while I don’t necessarily have a problem with being overweight, it’s not necessarily how I want to be the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong–I’ll always be what society considers “fat,”  but if I can change my jean size from a 24 to a 16 (or even a 14 or 12), I’ll be a happy, happy camper!


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