I love the in-between seasons. Fall is special to me–I like when the temperature hovers around 75, the breeze blows by, and the light hits the changing leaves juuust right. I see beauty in that change. My ideal fall activity includes wandering around a cemetery, making up stores in my head about the people who are lying still beneath my feet. Fall, to me, symbolizes change and death, whereas spring is about renewal and rebirth. Fall is a time for quiet reflection and introspection. It’s very poetic.

More importantly, fall is about pumpkin spice.

If you aren’t on the pumpkin spice bandwagon by now, then damn, you  must be living under a rock. Pumpkin spice is a godly concoction. I have no idea where it started, nor do I care. Call me basic, but I love me some pumpkin-y, clove-y, nutmeg-y goodness (hey I’m from CT, nutmeg is in my blood). There is nothing like a hot pumpkin spice latte to get your day started or as a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

That being said, the trend is getting a bit out of hand:

baked goods

Does anyone have any idea what popcorn has to be thankful for?

 It looks like pumpkin spice is trying to (unsuccessfully) hop on the hashtag trend–they forgot #blessed. At least they know who their audience is?

I’m gonna eat the shit out of that popcorn tonight. I’ll let you know how it is.


7 thoughts on “Fall

      • beautygirlsmom

        You’ll have to hop with me some day – Holy Cross over in Philly is one of my favorites, but there’s one not too far from me that has some interesting stones. It’s newer, but there’s a stone with a carving of Mother Teresa and another all done in Gaelic – pretty cool 🙂


  1. AmberG

    I can’t do the pumpkin spice thing. Working at B&BW for too many consecutive holidays have made anything pumpkin spice smell like a candle or perfume to me. Its tragic.

    I love the fall too, especially here in Korea. The colors change against the mountains and the street vendors start selling little pastry fish stuffed with hot custard… Yay fall♡


  2. Jacquelynn D.

    OMG The next time you come to Philly we’ll have to go to Laurel Hill Cemetery. It’s amazingly beautiful and has a few famous people in it.


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